How to Make Your Skip Bin More Beautiful and Less Wasteful: Taking Ideas From Exciting World Projects

25 September 2015
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Tired of a smelly skip bin looking like an eyesore outside of your business? Looking for ways to be more sustainable? Then take a cue from one of the many exciting skip-related projects happening throughout the world and integrate some of those ideas into your life.

Take a look at these two exciting projects and tips on how to implement their spirit:

Artistic Skips

The Original Project

Eager to draw attention to a largely industrial area in Sacramento, city planners recently launched a skip art project. Sanitation companies donated skips to the project, and local artists picked up their brushes. The results – including some skips even decorated on their insides – were displayed in an empty lot in an industrial area.

Making It Your Own

If you have old unused skips around your business, create a bit of PR buzz by turning them into installation pieces designed by local artists. Alternatively, instead of letting your skip be an eyesore, decorate it with large vinyl stickers. Depending on your objectives, your stickers can be decorative, they can brand your company, or they can have fun messages about not littering.

You can also build a wooden enclosure, and you can paint that artistically. It adds to the visual appeal of your commercial parking lot or wherever you have your skip stored.

Gleaner's Paradises

The Original Project

In the last few years, the topic of skip dipping has been popular in the media, and many dippers dig for gourmet food. One dipper even started an underground restaurant where he served food gathered from skips.

Rather than calling it skip dipping or dumpster diving, this enterprising fellow called it gleaning, a word that refers to the process of taking vegetables off the ground after a field has been harvested. Obviously, you probably don't want to eat from your own dumpster, but you can make it possible for others to eat from yours.

Making It Your Own

If you own a business where you throw away food, do not crush it to make it unusable, and if possible, consider setting up a gleaner's bin next to your skip. Hungry gourmands can pick what they want from the gleaner's bin instead of having to dig through your rubbish.

Alternatively, if you want to keep food out of the rubbish but you also don't want to give it away, compost your scraps. That way, you can use them on your garden instead of sending them needlessly to the landfill.