Top Considerations When Choosing a Hand Dryer for Your Bathroom

12 April 2016
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Proper hand hygiene and sanitation is very important in your home. One of the most essential elements of sanitation in your home is proper hand hygiene. This is significant because since hands touch a lot things, the spread of disease-causing germs may be faster. A hand dryer in your bathroom is one approach to enhance the sanitation and hand hygiene in your home. However, this requires investing in the right type of hand dryer. This means that before picking a hand dryer for your bathroom, you will have to consider some factors to help you pick the best dryer that will enable you achieve your sanitation goals. Here are some of these factors.


Consider the speed of the hand dryer when shopping for one. High-speed hand dryers usually perform the best because of time reduction and energy efficiency. Since these dryers are on for a shorter period, they will use less energy! However, sometimes high-speed dryers are noisier than slow speed dryers, but considering the level of performance, it is still worth the investment.

Mode of Activation

Hand dryers can be activated automatically by sensors or manually by pushing a button. When considering hand hygiene, the best choice would be to go for an automatic hand dryer. These hand dryers eliminate the need to touch or push a button for it to work, making it more hygienic. In addition, automatic hand dryers are more energy efficient because they will go off automatically once you remove your hands. This is unlike push button hand dryers that will have to switched off, making them use slightly more energy.

Amount of Traffic

The amount of traffic will help you choose the best material that will adhere to that specific type of abuse. For instance, the amount of traffic you expect in your general bathroom where everyone uses it may not be the same as that in your master bathroom which only you or your spouse use. Therefore, it's important to consider the type of the materials used.


Some of the common hand dryer materials include cast iron, cast aluminium, and stainless steel. In terms of design, stainless steel is popular. It is also a superior choice in terms of corrosion resistance and recyclability. However, compared to cast aluminium and cast iron, it's a more expensive option.

On the other hand, while cast iron and cast aluminium may both be durable, cast iron may be slightly more expensive as well as heavier than cast aluminium. The slightly higher cost of cast iron is influenced by its weight. That is, since it's a heavier material, sturdier installations will be required and this can cost you more.