Common Liquid Waste Disposal Techniques

29 September 2015
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Making sure to properly dispose of liquid waste is extremely important in order to avoid subjecting your employees to dangerous chemicals. Liquid waste contains a large amount of chemical compounds, including metals and salts. As a result, it's essential that you dispose of the waste as soon as possible. During an industrial waste removal process, you must ensure that your business goes with the best possible way of ensuring a safe and proper disposal of the liquid waste. Read More 

How to Make Your Skip Bin More Beautiful and Less Wasteful: Taking Ideas From Exciting World Projects

25 September 2015
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Tired of a smelly skip bin looking like an eyesore outside of your business? Looking for ways to be more sustainable? Then take a cue from one of the many exciting skip-related projects happening throughout the world and integrate some of those ideas into your life. Take a look at these two exciting projects and tips on how to implement their spirit: Artistic Skips The Original Project Eager to draw attention to a largely industrial area in Sacramento, city planners recently launched a skip art project. Read More 

Guidelines for Septic Tank Care and Maintenance

24 September 2015
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The septic system is an ideal structure for treating domestic waste, particularly in regions without a connection to the main sewage network. The main module in this small-scale treatment plant is the septic tank. Basically, this is a containment that holds the waste disposed from the residential premises. The tank is filled with anaerobic bacteria which decompose the waste materials and the effluent produced is disposed into drain fields. If you are thinking about installing a septic system or you already have one, you should understand proper care and maintenance. Read More